Style Wedding Photography

If you are a traditionalist, then the best style wedding photography for you is the traditional wedding photography. The photographer will direct each photo, arranging the bride and groom, the parents, the rest of the family and friends as to complete a series of photos from a list that was agree upon at the signing of the contract. If you work with a studio, even your attire will be changed. As I ... Continue Reading →

Vintage Style Wedding Photography

If you are a romantic at heart, the vintage style wedding photography is what you are looking for. This style can make your wedding look like it was in a different era, the age of the glamorous movie starts and you and your groom are the most important among them. The warmth All the photos will be bathed in a warm light that will make this special day even more special and you will look with pleasure ... Continue Reading →

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Documentary style wedding photography or photojournalism wedding photography is the opposite of the traditional wedding photography. In the traditional wedding photography the photographer is heavily involved into the wedding, directing how the bride and the groom, the parents and the rest of the wedding party should pose to capture the most promising wedding photos. In the documentary style wedding ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Wedding Photos

What couple on their wedding day doesn’t want to have the most beautiful wedding photos? But first, they have to decide, weeks or even months ahead, what sort of wedding style photography they want for their wedding. Photography Styles Each photography style has its own charm and those who prefer a certain style will consider the most beautiful wedding photos the photos created in that wedding style ... Continue Reading →